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Call Mynah

Call Mynah
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Introducing Call Mynah – The Intelligent Mobile Phone Recorder

From November this year, all FSA Regulated Investment Firms in the UK – from banks to high street stock brokers will have to record all relevant conversations conducted on mobile devices and store them for 6 months.

The Call Mynah by is the world's first and only Mobile Phone Recorder for Recording Mobile Phone calls on any mobile phone with Bluetooth connectivity. Call Mynah combines the features of our business Phone Recording Devices with a simple hand-held Cell Phone Tapping device that pairs with your phone via Bluetooth to deliver a professional Call Recorder for Mobile Phones. The Call Mynah Mobile Phone Recording device provides advanced features for Mobile Phone Call Recording along with PC software for playback of calls. Recording Cell Phone conversations using apps is not possible on iPhone, Droid or BlackBerry without paying per minute charges. The Call Mynah Mobile Phone Recorder gives you complete control of Recording Cell Phone Calls. You decide to Record Mobile Phone Calls or not, set up your Call Mynah to Record Mobile Phone (all calls) or only as you choose. • 340 hours of Cell Phone Recording storage • Connects to any mobile phone via Bluetooth to create a simple Cell Phone Call Recorder • Automatically Record Mobile Phone Calls (manual recording options too) • Saves all Cell Phone Records, call details (date, time, number, duration, call type) • Add comments to calls and flag as 'Important' • Upload calls to your PC for easy management (software supplied) • 150 Hours standby, 8 hours talking before battery charge • Call recording warn tone or prompt can be sent to callers (optional) • Handset, Speakerphone or Headset (supplied) operation • Security features to prevent unauthorized listening to your calls Record Cell Phone Conversations The Call Mynah Mobile Phone Recording Devices connect to mobile phones just like any Bluetooth device. You first have to register your Call Mynah Mobile Phone Recording Device with your mobile phone (full instructions provided), this only takes a minute. Whenever you want to Record Mobile Phone Conversations, you must use Call Mynah to talk to your caller (Call Mynah will not record calls when you talk directly on your mobile phone). You can answer calls directly on the Call Mynah Cell Phone Recorders and you can make outgoing calls using the keypad or phonebook on the Call Mynah Mobile Phone Conversation Recorder. You can also easily switch between using your mobile handset and Call Mynah whenever you want to Record Phone Calls. To give you the same functionality as your mobile, Call Mynah Phone Recording Devices can operate in Handset, Speakerphone or Headset (supplied) mode. To make it easy for you to answer and record calls on the move, we've included a headset with an 'Answer' button. You may feel that you want to answer all your calls on Call Mynah, simply leave your mobile phone in your bag or pocket and use Call Mynah (Bluetooth has a range on minimum 10 Meters/30 feet). Call Mynah can ring, flash or vibrate on incoming calls along with your mobile if you want it to. Call Mynah receives Caller ID for every call and is able to record all the details including date, time, duration, calling/called number, call type (incoming, outgoing, unanswered etc.), doing much more than just Recording Mobile Phone Calls. So whether you are looking for a solution for Recording Mobile Phone calls, Mobile Phone Tapping of your own phone or detective work with your own Mobile Phone Spy recorder, the Call Mynah Records Mobile Phone calls and provides software to manage the calls later. Recording Cell Phone calls has never been easier! The Call Mynah is the world's first and only Mobile Phone Recorder for Recording Mobile Phone calls on any mobile phone with Bluetooth connectivity.

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